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The tranquil and peaceful lifestyle of a big-city Jack Russell Terrier named Max is rudely unpended one dreadful day when his beloved owner brings home a surly, unruly stray, Duke, from the pound, who spoiled Max instantly despises. Max's usual life of luxury - lounging about in the hours his owner, Katie, spends at work, and spending time with the other pets of the building (dogs, cats, and budgies alike) - is utterly interuptted as a feud brews between the jealous terrier and his new housemate. Enraged by Max's aloof attitude, Duke attempts to abandon him in an alleyway, but both are ambushed by a gang of feral alley cats, stripped of their collars, and soon find themselves in the clutches of Animal Control. The two are rescued by a rabbit named Snowball, the leader of a ragtag group of sewer-dwelling, human-hating animals dubbed "The Flushed Pets"; the two are nearly inducted into his group, but their domesticated status is quickly discovered, and the two flee with a livid Snowball vowing to kill them.

Back at home, pomerian Gidget, red-tailed hawk Tiberius, guinea pig Norman, and several other housepets discover Max's disappearance and begin to search New York City, desperate to locate him but instead only run into Snowball, who vows to destroy them as well. In the meantime, the relationship between Max and Duke is strengthened as Duke reveals the details of his past - he once belonged to an elderly gentleman called Fred, but was picked up by Animal Control upon getting lost and was never reclaimed. Max convinces him to visit Fred's house in a nearby neighborhood, but the two quickly discover from the resident housecat that Fred has passed away; Duke, feeling betrayed, barks at the new homeowners until Animal Control is heralded and Duke is captured. As Max pursues the Animal Control van, Snowball and his gang ambush him; however, Snowball's comrades are captured, and the two form a brief alliance to rescue their friends.

After crashing a bus and rescuing Duke, all is resolved - Max and Gidget end up getting together, the Flushed Pets formulate a new plan for human annihilation (but their crusty leader is adopted by a little girl named Molly, whom he quickly warms up to), and Max and Duke successfully reunite with their beloved owner Katie.


"The Secret Life of Pets" is a charming, nutty movie that, despite its flaws, created a low-stakes tale of the hero's journey that enthuses and enthralls child and adult viewers alike. While the plot may escalate a little too quickly at times with over-the-top action in some places, a comedic and colorful set of cast of celebrities gave rise to a lovable crew of charming, furry and fine-feathered friends. It does, however, quickly set aside the main point the movie was marketed upon and dissolve into an overextended chase sequence, drifting away from the original question posed by commercial after commercial: "What exactly do pets do when their owners aren't home?" Regardless, the cute animation style, the scenic settings, and pop culture references galore contribute to the overall quality of this movie, likening it to a familiar movie from the past, "Toy Story."

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