[Ness Sprite Art Peace Sign]
Sprite Art of Ness from the JRPG, EarthBound (1995)

Personal Data

A thirteen-year old hailing from the humble town of Onett, Eagleland, Ness is a rather peculiar boy able to harness psychokinetic energy and expel it into a variety of techinques utilized for combat, for healing, and for support. After a mysterious meteor lands among the hills of his hometown, Ness encounters an alien creature by the name of Buzz Buzz and learns that an evil entity called Giygas has plunged the world into chaos by tainting the minds and hearts of people and animals. It is up to the Chosen Four, a group of heroes gathered across the globe consisting of Ness himself, a young girl by the name of Paula Polestar, a scientist's son called Jeff Andonuts, and Prince Poo, head of the monarchy in a mystical country by the name of Dalaam, to save the world as they know it. Ness has also appeared as a playable character in the "Super Smash Brothers" series since its debut on the Nintendo 64. In every installment so far, aside from Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Ness is featured as an unlockable fighter accessed after ten successful brawls and is often acccompanied by a stage resembling either his hometown of Onett, the city of Fourside, a bustling metropolis, (Melee for the GameCube), or the Magicant, a physical manifestation of his inner conscience (3DS).





Paula Polestar (Friend)
[Paula Polestar Sprite Art]
Sprite Art of Paula Polestar
A young girl from the town of Twoson, Paula is also gifted with the psychokinetic abilites of PSI and utilized Telepathy to contact Ness within in a dream, thus prompting their first meeting in the Happy Happyist Village just outside of Twoson, where she was currently being held prisoner. Ness promptly rescued her, and the two became fast friends and steady allies. While Ness specializes in healing and support, Paula gives the team its edge in battle through use of combat-based PSI such as PK Fire and PK Freeze. Paula appears as a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii).
Jeff Andonuts (Friend)
[Jeff Andonuts Sprite Art]
Sprite Art of Jeff Andonuts
Hailing from Winters, Foggyland, Jeff is a young man once enrolled in the Snowwood Boarding Academy before Paula contacts him in a dream, calling for his help and telling him to utilize his father's invention, the Sky Runner, a machine used for air travel, in order to rescue her and Ness from an unusual encounter with zombies in the town of Threed, Eagleland. Jeff is unable to use PSI like the others, but instead pulls his weight in battle through a variety of inventions. Jeff also appears in Super Smash Brothers as an assist trophy, giving his summoner an edge in battle through the use of several Bottle Rockets, which lock onto opponents and strike with fiery explosions.
Prince Poo of Dalaam (Friend)
[Prince Poo Sprite Art]
Sprite Art of Prince Poo
Depsite his rather unusual and comical name, Prince Poo is quite the force to be reckoned with. Head of the monarchy of the Asiatic-inspired country of Dalaam, Prince Poo learns PSI abilities such as PK Starstorm and PK Thunder, all of which can devastate opponents in battle. He was instructed by the spirits of his ancestors to join Ness, Paula, and Jeff on their journey to save the universe and utilized PK Teleport in order to travel instantaneously to their sides. Prince Poo appears as a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii).
Giygas (Enemy)
[Giygas's First Form]
The First Form of Giygas
Once an alien creature from a distant planet known to mortals as the birth place of PSI, Giygas gained knowledge of Ness and the following formation of the Chosen Four through a mythical artifact called the Apple of Enlightenment. This entity of pure evil plunged the whole of Earth into utter chaos upon failing to assassinate Ness due to Buzz Buzz's intervention. Throughout the Chosen Four's journey, Giygas remains a threat to the stability of time and space itself, and, eventually, Ness and his friends must leave behind their mortal bodies and condense their souls into the shells of robots in order to travel to the past and best this towering, terrifying force. When they reach Giygas's hideaway in the Cave of the Past, however, a horrifying sight awaits them... On a less unsettling note, Giygas's iconic phrase of "Ness... I'm... H... A... P... P... Y..." has become a popular Internet meme.